:: D!vine Style :: Charming – Dress – with HUD

β˜… Beauty and charm on this design. Sexy and sophisticated. Nice dress for the perfect date, even to go to a friend’s wedding πŸ˜‰
β˜… Lovely one side shoulder exposed just for sexyness
β˜… Low to the knee, very classy

β–ͺ Already 33 themes
β–ͺ This item is 100% rigged mesh.
β–ͺ Works with Classic avatar (with tiny modifications in some cases or alpha layers)
β–ͺ 5 sizes rigged : XS, S, M, L, XL

✿ Demo available!!! Try demo first, very important because No Refunds

βšͺ Buy it on the Markerplace
βšͺ Buy it inworld

βœ” Rigged Mesh outfit, sexy fitting to your body, flowing with movement when walking. Always be sure your leg muscles, arms are correct so you don’t show skin thru mesh. Watch your AO also.

βœ” Use the alpha provided. There are 5 sizes for you to choose.

βœ” Includes texture hud, but this unique hud includes easy textures to choose and our unique hud has updates!! You will have to wear this dress many times so you can see the updated versions and see that more textures have been added to the hud. This dress is for life!!!

βœ” With :: D!vine Style :: hud you notice that you can tint your outfit too! You can make it any color any shade.

βœ” Notice that there are two versions of the dress inside the hud. The dress and another for the belt (which you can tint). Go ahead try tinting the belt!! Make your own colors! Create!

βœ” This unique hud can be used with all our designs. No need to find the hud for the design you are wearing only.