:: D!Vine Style :: Warm Jammies for Men

★ Aren’t Jammies fun? All you need is a warm bed, pillows and your warm blanket and wear your :: D!Vine Style :: jammies and you will have a relaxing night!!!
★ These jammies can be purchased also for women. Tell your female friend to purchase it so you can wear them together and have fun! Or choose the GIFT option for your friend.

▪ Already 15 themes
▪ This item is 100% rigged mesh.
▪ Works with Classic avatar and Mesh avatar (with tiny modifications in some cases or alpha layers)
▪ 5 sizes rigged : XS, S, M, L, XL

✿ Use demo, so important to wear and test the outfit with a demo first. No Refunds because demo is available.

Buy it on the Markerplace
Buy it inworld

✔ With standard/classic body just use the alpha layer provided.

✔ But there is a fun part of this item and all clothing of :: D!Vine Style ::, it is the Unique Texture Hud.

✔ The hud included is the one that allows you to play with textures giving you options to mix and match according to the colors and patterns you desire to wear at the moment or even according to your moods.

✔ For our jammies the hud offers a variety of textures for most holidays, such as Valentines, Christmas and other fun activitities.

✔ Also find other buttons such as glowing and other applications of other patterns. Transparency is a nice option when you want to be super sexy for your lover.

✔ Tinting the texture of the jammies it is also available with the hud, just endless colors… When you glow any of the textures, or add full bright or even shininess it looks even more fun look and many of the times might look even silky. Try them!!

✔ This hud can be useful also with all our designs.

✔ Not only that but this outfit from :: D!Vine Style :: is an outfit for life. By the time you wear it again you will notice the creator has added extra textures to choose from

✔ Just always remember that requires Mesh Enabled Viewer.