:: D!vine Style :: Casual Jeans – with HUD

★ Fun, Fun, casual Jeans, it never fails. Jeans to wear anywhere and just anytime. Patterns.. Colors…
★ Wear your casual jean with any fun shirt just match it perfect.

▪ Already 19 themes
▪ This item is 100% rigged mesh.
▪ Works with Classic avatar (with tiny modifications in some cases or alpha layers)
▪ 5 sizes rigged : XS, S, M, L, XL

✿ Demo is available to use, please use demo first before purchase, we don’t refund since we offered the customer to try demo First!!

Buy it on the Markerplace
Buy it inworld

✔ Use the alpha provided. There are 5 sizes for you to choose.

✔ Rigged mesh, freely to move, with 5 standard sizes included and alphas.

✔ :: D!vine Style :: Hud is included to change textures. This hud offers already made textures to choose. Our hus is constantly updated with new textures. Check your hud once in a while for additional textures, these casual jeans is to use for life with endless choice of colors!!!

✔ Use the feature “Tints” for more fun colors. Add grey and make any color darker, be creative…

✔ This hud works with all our outfits. If you enjoy and purchase more of our outfits you will see there is no need to change hud because one hud is universal

✔ This unique hud can be used with all our designs. It is just more easy.